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Adrienne Harvey, RKC

Adrienne Harvey


Winter Park, FL
United States 32789
10 out of 10 (17 reviews)
I started studying kettlebell and bodyweight training over five years ago and first became RKC Certified in October of 2010.   While kettlebells have been absolutely crucial in my personal quest for fitness and a skill I love to bring to others, I also became very interested in bodyweight training as presented in Paul Wade's Convict Conditioning. 
The ideas presented within the PCC present the pinnacle of efficient and highly effective exercise that can be practiced anywhere by anyone, and I'm very proud to be able to bring that type of training to others.  I love sharing the ultra-effective modalities of the PCC and RKC with small groups, individuals, and prospective instructors.  These methods of training can have lifestyle benefits far beyond fitness, and can be adjusted for any fitness level, goal, or starting point--making them an idea choice for you and/or your clients.  Let's begin, refine, or troubleshoot your strategy with fitness and exercise.
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10/10 Highly recommend her
By Navin . / Orlando, USA

I loved training with Adrienne
She knows what she is talking about and fun to workout with.
Next time I am in Orlando I will train with her.
Thank you

from Washington DC

10/10 Great instuctor
By Joe Aldridge / Lakeland, United States

The A-Train is excellent because she listens then instructs. If she had started just steering me in a direction and tried to strong arm me into the latest fad I would have hit the road. She listens to what I want, asks me what I am doing then shows me what to change and then how to get there. I am a cheater - I will see the move and figure out how to cheat to get it done. She uncovers the layers and corrects from the ground up. I could not give a higher recommendation if you are really wanting to learn the right way.

10/10 Highly Recommended
By George Power / New Smyrna Beach, USA

I trained with Adrienne for 2 hours in April 2013. I had been using kettlebells for about 4 years and wanted to have my form checked. Adrienne did all that and more. She critiqued my form, told me what was wrong, and gave me cues to help instill the right movement. If I didn't understand the first cue, she had more until one clicked with me. She allowed me to make video clips of her technique while she explained the proper movement and provided the cues that were specific to my problems. I still review those clips. Since I am an older person, Adrienne knew how to pace the session so that I did not burn out during this 2 hour lesson. Highly recommended.

10/10 Commitment to excellence!
By Brian Friedman / Orlando, USA

Are you looking for an instructor who walks the walk and talks the talk? Look no further. I had the opportunity to be coached by Ms. Harvey during my HKC certification and was blown away. Ms. Harvey has an innate ability to get to the heart of the matter. Her expertise shines and enthusiasm radiates as she offers simple and direct instruction that will bring your technique to the next level. If you get a chance to learn from Ms. Harvey take it! You will see incredible results.

10/10 Very imPRESSed!
By Robert Seik / Las Vegas, NV, USA

Many thanks to Adrienne for her RKC II expertise. I am already certified, RKC, but needed assistance from another instructor to help me prepare for RKC II. From an existing instructor's point of view, I can tell you that Adrienne is excellent and her teaching was invaluable to help me prepare for heavy pressing, achieving a personal best with her instruction. She also taught me the bent press and even helped me improve my swing. She is knowledgeable and fun to work with. Great energy! Thanks so much Adrienne! In short, if you want an excellent instructor, contact Adrienne Harvey, RKC II.

10/10 Would you like to earn your RKC?
By Amber Lee / Somerville, USA

I was lucky enough to be able to schedule time with Adrienne to train remotely during the 7 weeks leading up to my RKC. Thanks to the magic of Skype and YouTube, she gave me feedback on form, along with plenty of corrections, as well as a training schedule that left me prepared, yet refreshed when my RKC arrived. Her skill and creativity in creating a path FOR ME to take my skills to the next level not only helped me feel ready and confident for the RKC, but helped me earn that RKC with flying colors. If you want to succeed, if you want to reach your goals and be held accountable, with no coddling but plenty of support, Adrienne is the RKC II for you. Contact her NOW.

10/10 Great Coach!
By David Crump / Orlando, FL, United States

I met Adrienne when I was getting my HKC certification and enjoyed her great attitude. Recently I noticed that despite getting my HKC certification my kettlebell form wasn't as good as I would like it to be due to my lack of practice. I contacted Adrienne and she promptly scheduled a session with me and answered a ton of questions and really cleaned up my form.

As a coach myself, I have come in contact with many others in the industry and I would rate Adrienne as top notch. She is patient, intelligent, and has a really great grasp of the material she teaches. I greatly appreciate her insight and assistance and look forward to working with her in the future.

10/10 Simply amazing !
By Maria Walden / Lake Worth, USA

I live 3 hours away from Adrienne and training with her was worth every mile. I was preparing for the RKC at the time and needed help. She was patient and helped me clean up my technique. Needless to say I passed the RKC and I think Adrienne was a big contributor to my success. Thanks Adrienne!

10/10 One of a kind!
By Billy Lusk / Seattle, United States

Living across the country, I got to know Adrienne online through her great Girya Girl blog. She has a great take on training smart, training hard, eating well, and driving oneself to success. Recently, I had the pleasure to train with her during a trip. She showed me some great drills which are helping me to greatly improve my swing and snatch form. Seriously, read the Girya Girl’s blog, watch her training videos, do her workouts, and if you get the chance, definitely train with her 1:1!

10/10 Outstanding Kettlebell Instructor
By Connie K / Orlando, USA

I started training with Adrienne in a small group Kettlebell class about 5 months ago. Before starting classes, I attended an introductory session to learn the basics. These classes have changed my whole outlook on fitness! In the past I have spent countless hours in the gym and spent a small fortune on gym-based personal trainers. But it wasn’t until I incorporated Kettlebell training that I saw really remarkable gains in strength and conditioning, and in a very short period of time. Adrienne is an excellent instructor all around. She is a stickler for form and makes sure you learn and maintain good technique. Safety and avoiding injury is another top priority. In addition, she keeps it fun, vibrant, and exciting, and is always mixing it up! I look forward to every class, knowing it will be a totally new experience. I know I will get my butt kicked – but laugh too (while catching my breath)! She pushes me to be better and stronger and reach new goals constantly. She is also very open to all questions. I highly recommend her.

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