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Russian Kettlebell - 16kg (35lb)
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Russian Kettlebell - 16kg (35lb)
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Russian Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.) - Narrower Handle

Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat

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Russian Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.) - Narrower Handle - $96.75
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Dragon Door's Most Popular RKC Kettlebell Weighs 35lb (16kg)—And Is Now Also Available with a Smaller Handle, For an Easier Grip


Dragon Door re-introduced kettlebells to the US with their uniquely designed 35lb cast iron kettlebell—and it has remained our most popular kettlebell.


Even a man of average initial strength can immediately start using the 35lb kettlebell for two-handed swings and quickly gravitate to one-handed swings, followed by jerks, cleans and snatches.

Within a few weeks you can expect to see spectacular gains in overall strength and conditioning—and for many—significant fat loss.

Stronger men and more experienced weightlifters and powerlifters can use the 35lb kettlebell to train themselves effectively in the many excellent drills you'll find in Pavel's classic book and DVD, Enter the Kettlebell!.

The 35 lb RKC kettlebell quickly becomes a favorite for women too, once they have built up their strength using Dragon Door's lighter kettlebells. To that end, we have now introduced a 16kg kettlebell with a smaller handle—which allows for an easier grip. (Women, we recommend you start with either the 26lb kettlebell or the 18lb kettlebell initially.)

Dragon Door's RKC kettlebells are military-grade, with a highly resilient finish and a quality of iron guaranteed to stand up to the toughest use. Invest in an RKC kettlebell and you'll be rewarded with decades of high-yield cardio, power and strength development.

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