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Fun, Fast, Furious and Frenzied: Jack Your Heart Rate Up In Record Time—With The Deceptively Intense Neuro-Burner Cardio Challenge!

Partner work with parachute material is one of the more deceptive ways Neuro-Mass author, Jon Bruney has devised to torture the body into being more magnificent. Who would have thought that the rapid oscillations of his Neuro-Burner could leave even seasoned cage-fighters gasping for wind in short order? But that’s exactly what you can expect when you employ Jon’s Neuro-Burner with the proper fanaticism.

You see, correctly executed partner-drills with the Neuro-Burner induce massive and constantly varying aerodynamic resistances that have you battling for control. And if your partner ramps up the power at their end in a competitive rampage, then game on big time!

Neuro-Burners create the perfect storm of partner-assisted, frenzied smokers. The rapid fluctuations of intensity, resistance and force simulate full-contact sport activities where your body is constantly forced to adjust to sudden, sharp, changes in challenge. Welcome to real life…so you might as well be ready to excel at it…

So, grab a partner, grab a Neuro-Burner and have at it! You will be amazed, stimulated and feel ready to take on the world—in just a couple of minutes of high-yield exertion.

NM_NeuroMassLogo_1andhalfinch.jpgTactical parachute material
Approx. 38” x 70”, with 4 corner, 1” webbing handles
Approx 1lb 9oz.
Neuro-Burner - $97.00
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How to Use the Neuro-Burner

(An excerpt by Jon Bruney from Neuro-Mass)

Even though it is optional, many athletes will want to incorporate some form of cardio training into the Neuro-Mass program. Long endurance cardio is counterproductive to building smart muscle. I searched for a way that athletes could continue to build mass and still gain all the benefits from intense cardio. Enter the Neuro-Burner.

The Neuro-Burner not only provides a cardio benefit, but also increases reaction time, speed, and work capacity in minimum time. I have tested the Neuro-Burner on many different athletes from MMA fighters to basketball players. All of them found that the Neuro-Burner was one of the most effective forms of intense cardio they had experienced.

The Neuro-Burner Basic Swipe

Grasp the Neuro-Burner by the handles with an overhand grip. Have a partner grasp the other handles. Now, begin to rapidly and explosively snap your arms up and down as the Neuro-Burner resists against the air. Continue this movement for 30 to 60 seconds.
Note: Neuro-Burner is pictured in tan for demonstration purposes. Actual product is black.



No reviews found for this Item

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